Tile and Stone

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are natural products manufactured for their wide range of color, size and textures. When purchasing your tile, be sure the tile is suitable for your particular installation to ensure long-lasting beauty and durability.

There are endless possibilities when considering your tile floor. Choosing the right size, color and pattern can greatly enhance any room of your home or office. For example, use a large tile in a smaller room to give the appearance of elegance and spaciousness, to make the room appear larger.

Let our knowledgeable sales staff assist you in finding that particular tile that gives you the look you’ve been searching for.

Natural stones, unsurpassed in their beauty and strength, are a sure way of making a statement in your home. With handmade tile medallions and new stones arriving weekly, we’re certain we’ll be able to find a stone that suits your needs and tastes.


Measuring for tile. When trying to determine a budget, it’s helpful to have an idea of how many square feet of product you will need. Tile is usually purchased by the square foot, allowing for easy price comparison with multiple tile sizes. Take the length of your room, multiply by the width of the room, subtract for any areas not to be tiled. This will give you a good idea of what you will be purchasing.

Can wall tile be used on a floor?
Sometimes. Please refer to the product specifications for application recommendations.

Can floor tile be used on the wall?
Yes, when proper installation methods are followed. Exterior applications may require special precautions and installation methods.

What type of tile can be used around a fireplace?
Any tile can be used on the face of a fireplace. It’s not recommended, however, to install tiles directly in the firebox.

Can tile be installed over particle board?
No, it must be exterior-grade plywood or concrete backer board.

Can tile be installed over lightweight concrete or gypcrete?
It’s not recommended to install tile over gypsum products. The moisture in the setting materials has a tendency to deteriorate the gypsum cement.


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